Evolution Door

I’m no idealist. I don’t believe in perfect types. There is no design endpoint. However, if anything in the world could possibly lay such a claim, then it is the door. From boulder to lean-to to flap to hinge contraption to sliding panel, the door is an example of a form that has evolved to the point of perfection. End of door story. Surely?

Well, no. Not according to Klemens Torggler, artist and the man who gives the world Evolution Door. Hear this: Evolution Door’s a new type. It answers an age old question in a new and barely understood language. Here’s how it works: Closed or open, Torggler’s invention is two square panels further divided into four triangles. Closing or opening, the triangles collapse in on themselves, allowing the panels to pivot on a single corner. Directed sideways, the panels return to their original shape, only now the door is either closed or open. I hope that’s perfectly clear. Watch the video.

It’s beautiful. It’s elegant. It’s extraordinary. A solution to a problem that was not a problem but now serves as a problem worth solving — so to speak. There is no perfect type. And thank goodness. We wouldn’t have a brand new way of closing off and opening up an indoor space if there was. Now watch the video again. Torggler’s a genius.