Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Built in 1958 by architects Jørgen Bo and Wilhelm Wohlert

Of all the buildings I’ve had the pleasure of spending time in, few come close to the joy-invoking beauty of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Half an hour outside of Copenhagen, on the north-eastern coast of Sjaelland, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art was designed and built by architects Jørgen Bo and Wilhelm Wohlert. It’s Denmark’s principle museum of modern art, and as such is rightly celebrated for its outstanding permanent collections. However, the reason I try and visit — every time I’m in Denmark — is because the building makes me happy.

Architecture affects my mood quite like no other design discipline. A great building excites me in an almost childlike way — the Louisiana Museum especially so. And the fact that its been added to, significantly, by the same architects, over four decades, and managed to be everything they hoped it would be, just makes it, for me, that bit more excellent. It’s a wonderful example of mid-century Danish design: effortless and crafted, modernist and cosy.

So, though I have to admit to being part Danish, and open, therefore, to a degree of proportional bias, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is a truly special place. Being there lightens me. It makes me feel changed. It reminds me why I do what I do — and why I love it so.

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