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Ivan Fistric
Studio Size
3 min readAug 16, 2023


The idea of Sharing

In 2017, my partner Jurica Koletic created a profile on Unsplash and uploaded his first photos. At the time, it was a small community revolving around Unsplash, which was the first high-quality free stock photo depository. But gradually, the platform gained popularity, especially after becoming a plugin for tools like Figma, Adobe XD, and Squarespace.

With the rise of Unsplash, some of Jurica’s photos became immensely popular. His profile now ranks in the top 1000 contributors ever, which means he’s in the top 0,3%.

His most famous photo is a male portrait with over 58 million views and 700.000 downloads. The photo is beautifully shot and retouched, but it is only fair to give some credit to the model as well. And I’m not saying that just because the face in the photo belongs to me. Honestly.

Photo by Jurica Koletić on Unsplash

Over the years, I’ve seen my own face in so many design projects, mockups, presentations, and Photoshop tutorials that did all sorts of things to me, like turning me into a half-tiger half-man creature.

Yet, it wasn’t my face that caught Adobe’s attention. They collaborated with us using an exquisite photo-in-photo of Jurica’s wife, Katarina. The image was the key visual for the Adobe XD launch campaign, underscoring the value of experimentation in design.

We started realizing that we should open up and share even more. Because the ability to inspire and influence other creatives is a privilege that we feel grateful for.

Introducing: The Freebies Store

We played with the idea for some time, but now we have finally manifested it into reality: there is a new Freebies section on our website where you will find assets like high-quality mockups, photos, and music.

Our goal is to stimulate your creativity, help you experiment, learn, and ultimately create. Not because it’s perfect, but because it’s yours — honest, raw, and filled with potential. The assets are free to use and ready for your next (non-commercial) project.

Whether you’re a designer, a motion graphics designer, a content creator, a writer, or a student honing your creative skills, I hope you’ll find value in our Freebies. Go ahead and explore, find something that speaks to you, and start creating. No frills, no strings attached. Just a nudge to inspire your next great piece.

Get featured

When you are ready to share your project with the world, remember to tag us or use the #studiosize hashtag so we can celebrate your work together.

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We plan to update to store regularly with new mockups, illustrations, renders, and rhythmic beats for your video projects. So keep in touch so you don’t miss out.

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