Announcing Studiotime x Airbnb Experiences Partnership

We’re working together to make studios and experiencing them accessible to everyone!

A preview of what’s to come on our homepage!

At Studiotime, we’ve quickly become the largest online community of music studios in the world. What we’re most proud about though is the way we are helping every individual that’s part of each studio. This is every studio owner, producer, engineer, artist, vocalist, song writer, and every other creative that we’ve helped bring together through the one space that is sacred to the music community regardless of age, demographic, skill level, or even genre - the music studio.

For everyone that has had the chance to experience being in a studio, you know how unique and magical they can be. Our mission at Studiotime is to allow all creatives access to studios, from home studios in apartments, to top-line studios that are some of the world’s most exclusive studios. We want everyone to be able to have access to and experience them.

We’re constantly working towards our mission and have come a long way, primarily through our reputation and trust that we’ve built in the music industry, along with the wide reach of our passionate community. We have home studios like this home studio in Marilyn Monroe’s former residence located in the Hollywood Hills:

To this top-line studio in Sydney where Justin Bieber and Kanye West (amongst others) frequent:

The Airbnb x Studiotime Partnership

In order to fulfill our mission and allow everyone to access and experience studios, we’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with Airbnb on Experiences. They are the company that originally inspired us, the one we look up to, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them.

The partnership originated after we started receiving overwhelming interest from studios asking us to help them with events and building their community. We thought long and hard about the best way we could do this and instead of trying to build the Experiences platform ourselves, we reached out to one of the teams that does this best, the Airbnb Experiences team (thanks Maggie!). Our community wants Experiences and we want to help them in the best way possible, which is with our Airbnb partnership.

Working together with Airbnb means that all of our studios and community will be able to offer Experiences at their studios, while doing so on one of the best platforms, with the best team, and combined support possible.

What Does This Mean?

We’re in the earliest stages of our new partnership with Airbnb, but we’re moving quickly to make sure we can help our community offer experiences through the Airbnb Experiences platform.

For now, we are going to be curating and producing our own Experiences in partnership with Airbnb. Our first experience that we’ll be curating and offering to both of our communities will be an intimate performance by an emerging band and very well-known vocalist (they typically sell out shows) at a DTLA loft-style studio. We’ll be announcing this soon and you’ll be able to book it shortly.

Our second experience will be a live studio session with multi-platinum and award-winning producers and songwriters. Participants will be able to tour a boutique studio, meet the team, and join them in going through the process of making a song from start to finish. This will be be somewhat limited access, but also bookable soon.

What Are Studiotime x Airbnb Experiences?

We eventually want every studio to be able to host Experiences that help showcase their studio, the space, and the people that make it so magical. So far, we’re planning on allowing studios to offer the following Experiences:

  • Live studio sessions
  • Studio workshops
  • Album listening parties
  • Artist & talent showcases
  • Intimate shows
  • Meet and greets

If you have any suggestions for other Experiences, we’re all ears and would love to hear from you!

How Do I Host An Experience At My Studio?

If you’re interested in hosting an experience at your studio, you can let us know by filling out this brief form and we’ll reach back out to you within 24–48 hours. We’re making this accessible to all of our studios who are part of Studiotime and you can expect the same level of support that you currently receive on our site with Experiences.

Have questions about this? Please reach out to us (and not the Airbnb team!) at This is huge news for us, so we hope you are also as excited as we are!