Games Release Spotlight from September and October 2019

My picks from the major console / pc releases from the last two months!

Tom Pelini
Oct 31, 2019 · 7 min read

After the quieter past months, now things are starting to really pick up.
We have seen a bunch of big AAA and high-quality indie games releasing in the last couple of months. I’ll be trying my best to select a handful of my personal picks and provide some guidance on this chaotic couple of months!

Here are my personal highlights: (Metacritic scores are, of course, subject to change over time)


Greedfall: The 10th of September saw the release of something quite special for a small European studio.
Spiders is an indie studio in France which has been known for interesting ideas and not-so-great realisation of said ideas (Technomancer). Greedfall is their latest title and it’s by far their biggest and most ambitious game to date.
It’s a sprawling open-world action RPG that seems to have taken inspiration from Dragon Age (old-school Bioware in general), The Witcher and possibly some older Gothic/PiranhaBytes titles.
The result is a janky but enjoyable game, with lots of quests to complete and regions to explore. It’s definitely not without its flaws but you have to commend the effort and ambition of such a small studio to go and create something like this.
Greedfall came out for PC (Steam), X1 and PS4 on September 10th.
Metacritic as of today: 79

Focus Home Interactive®/ Spiders®

Untitled Goose Game: Some might say that there really is only one game that needs to be talked about, and that is Bord…NO. It’s Untitled Goose Game. The absolutely ridiculous game came out on 20th of September and it’s exactly what you think it is: a game where you play a goose which also happens to be a total p***k. At its core, it’s an isometric game where you have several tasks to complete (such as steal the keys from the gardener or traumatise the child).

It was well received and the general consensus is that everyone just wanted it to last a bit longer, which is always a good problem to have for a game, all things considered.

U.G.G. came out for PC (Steam) and Switch on September 20th.
Metacritic as of today: 81

Borderlands 3: Arguably (goose noises!!) the biggest release of September, the latest instalment in the Gearbox franchise set out to redefine mayhem once again.
Expect tons of loot, quests and guns, lots of guns. With a cool-as-ever art style, Borderlands 3 was critically acclaimed and has been quite the success for Gearbox, despite the several controversies preceding its launch, and despite it being an Epic Store exclusive and not releasing on Steam (just yet).

Borderlands 3 came out on PC (Epic), X1 and PS4 on 13th of September.
Metacritic as of today: 82

2K®/ Take-Two®/ Gearbox®

Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening: “It’s just so damn cute” seems to be the overarching verdict on Link’s Awakening. The impressive reimagination of the classic of 1993 is basically a frame-by-frame remake with modern graphic techniques of an old game, but still a very good one.

The original on the left, the new one on the right — duh / Nintendo®

The original game was a cult title, and nostalgia will play a big factor in the way this is received. It’s hard (but not as hard as the original), and it looks really pretty, but there have been reports of unstable performances on Switch, which is kinda surprising considering the nature of the game itself.
Nonetheless, one to check out for sure, whether you’re an old-time fan or a new one.

Link’s Awakening has come out (again) on September 20th for Nintendo Switch.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Complete Edition): What a privilege it is to be able to talk about this masterpiece again, 4 years after its original release. When CDPR announced they wanted to port TW3 to Switch, many browses were simultaneously raised in gasps of terror and one big question was hovering over everyone’s excitement: ‘’How?’’

And, surprisingly, this was delivered. The Witcher 3 released on Switch and it actually runs pretty well. The graphical downgrade is evident, even to an amateur eye (with the resolution taking the biggest hit) but, you can now play it on the go. How cool is that? Oh, and it includes all DLCs.

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Complete Edition came out for Switch on October 15th
Metacritic as of today: 85

Return of the Obra Dinn: The awarded masterpiece from Lucas Pope (creator of Papers, Please) which came out last year for PC, is now available for all major platforms. It’s a first-person investigative game set in a commercial ship which has lost all of its crew to mysterious circumstances. It features an extremely unique art compartment, minimal colour and the reviews were incredible.
A personal favourite.

3909 LLC® / Lucas Pope / WarpDigital®

Obra Dinn came out for X1, PS4 and Switch on October 18th.
Metacritic as of now: 89

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: To my big surprise, I found myself excited for a Call of Duty game in 2019. This hasn’t been the case since the last Modern Warfare game many years ago.
Infinity Ward was able to capture mine and many other’s interest and attention with a few well-made trailers that seem to transpire a newly-found identity and stronger focus on realism and slow-paced gameplay.
Having bought the game, I can admit that it’s by far the best Call of Duty I’ve played since MW1, but it’s also not what I hoped it would be. The game is still frantically (hysterically?) fast and my brain simply can’t keep up with 17-year-olds shouting ‘’get rekt nerd” on VoIP.

Infinity Ward ® / Activision Blizzard ®

Also, the campaign hits pretty close to home, having lived in London for the past 9 years, as some of the missions are based in locations where I’ve literally walked past just last week.
I also must admit that the oh-so-American concept that ”US is good and Russia is bad” is over-used her, and it can sometimes appear like more of a political statement than a game itself, but that’s a whole other topic for another day.

Graphics are great, performance is great, sound design is spectacular, multiplayer is full of brats.

Modern Warfare came out on October 25th for X1, PS4 and PC (
Metacritic as of today: 84

Luigi’s Mansion 3: This will be my first Luigi’s Mansion. There, I said it.
I am new to this franchise but I heard so much raving about it that I am definitely going to check this out for myself.
The spooky-but-cute action-adventure game from Next Level Games (which has been a Nintendo-only dev for over 5 years now!) is their first on the Switch and I couldn’t be more excited (well, I could if I played the older ones, I guess…).

Nintendo® / Next Level Games®

There are 16 floors to explore and disinfest from ghosts and all sorts of otherworldly nastiness in this new instalment, and a boss for each floor!

Luigi’s Mansion 3 came out on Halloween day for Switch!
Metacritic as of today: 86

P.S. who thought this title was a good idea at Forbes for the review?

Obsidian® / Private Division® / Take-Two®

The Outer Worlds: Obsidian is back at doing what most people loved them for in the first place: games where you can be an absolute weirdo and get away with it.
The new sprawling semi-open world RPG takes a lot of inspiration from older Fallout games(including their own, New Vegas), so expect TONS of dialogue lines, freedom to create your own character from the ground up and lots of quests you can approach in more than way.

It’s a return in style for Obsidian, after a few years spent on isometric RPGs like Tyranny and Pillars of Eternity (don’t get me wrong, they’re great games, but I am not a huge fan of that viewpoint anymore…).

Outer Worlds came out on the 25th of October for PC (Epic), X1 and PS4 and will come out for Switch at some point too!
Metacritic as of today: 86

— —
See you in January!


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