What’s your study abroad story?

What is ‘Study Abroad: Our Stories’?

Study Abroad: Our Stories is a collection of study abroad stories and feature articles written by student writers at the University of California campuses. All articles are ~1,500-words.

To become a contributing writer at Study Abroad: Our Stories, email articles@ucdavis.edu.


Journalistic Writing

This category of writing is aimed at those writers looking to hone in on a subject and explore (example). You are in a new environment — a new culture; help us learn more about where you’re at and what you’re seeing. Dive into a topic you are passionate or curious about: food, street art, dress and attire trends, politics and expression, housing and urbanization, religion, immigration, nature…the list goes on and on. What are you curious about and how can you translate this curiosity into a 1500-word article?

Tip: Write as if you are submitting an article to your university newspaper back home.

Reflective Writing

This category of writing aims to dig deep. What are you hoping to get out of your study abroad experience? Why did you choose to study abroad? What’s your study abroad story (example)? How has your life changed since your study abroad experience began (or ended)? Were there any assignments that your professor gave you or excursions that you went on that has left an impact?

Related writing prompts/ideas: searching for Hemingway’s ghost; identity representation abroad; diversity and access/inclusion abroad; exploring the spiritual/meaning-based worldview that comes with travel; time and space; historic euphoria; the sublime.

Tip: Try to avoid clichés and platitudes. Be honest. Be vulnerable. Be you.

What’s your study abroad story?

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