Mid–Pitching 🎤

We have successfully delivered our mid-pitching for our Demola project! We are now behind a quite stressful, but still very efficient, and productive days, weeks. We have faced two droppings-out already, which was really a ordeal for the entire team, but we managed to handle those well, and now here we are!

Our main ingredients of the success!

The mid pitching was really a milestone in our project’s life. We arrived there, well practiced, good slides, with a pretty prototype, but — speaking of my behalf– we all was in a very need of getting a feedback which makes us even more persistent, and committed to the project.

Thao is just about to pitch the crowd! :)

It succeeded, the pitching went well, we were gained new ideas, and freash strength for the remaining project time.

And it was pretty timely: our testing afternoon is just around the corner: this friday, we will approach people, who never saw our prototypes, never attended our pitches, and they still have to use what we have built in the past weeks, and we have to make them believe as much as we do. It’s an amazing feeling, but quite scary at the same time. As we always had, will complete this afternoon with good results, because everyone has been putting an awesome effort and enthusiasm to this team-work, which is leading us forward day by day.

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