TWEET @ourfinalproject

Back at it again with Noahenders and Nelson 1.0. While we are still not yet experts of the twitter we have made leaps and bounds. Junk Trash now has 4 followers, Me with 8 followers and Nelson at an astounding 21 followers. That’s a grand total of 33 followers! Clearly we are the next big thing to hit twitter.

Today we made progress towards a vision for our final project. Last post we talked about the #BlackLivesMatter movement over twitter and how it occurred over real time. After watching this video, we thought about how cool it would be to make either a historical or fictional event (that did not occur in the age of Twitter) and put it in Twitter Talk. We have brainstormed doing a Star Wars rendition or Harry Potter if we go the fictional route or if we take an actual event we talked about doing MLK’s Civil Rights March or a major Peace Agreement.

We talked about who is using Twitter now. Even the Pope is now on Twitter…. Maybe one day we will have as many followers as him… #blessed