How to build customer loyalty: Think context, not promotion

When, why and how are you caring about your customers?

If you want to sell, you need to build loyalty. To achieve trust and create that much-needed first spark of loyalty, context now matters more than ever before.

I wouldn’t recommend that you just give your audience content. Instead of thinking about how to reach out to them, try to think about this:

Why are you communicating with them the way you do, why are you doing it at this specific point in time, and why should they care?

Context is what helps you connect with people. Make sure they make a mental connection between your content and something they understand, someone they know, a need they have or a quality they appreciate. This is what makes them feel what you represent, rather than just see it. Communicating in the right context is what makes people choose to read/watch/listen to what you have to say, because that’s when they actually want to know more about what you have to offer. That’s when it feels more familiar to them.

Create experiences any way you can. Use video, interaction, engagement, conversation, visual storytelling. Help them experience what you believe, not just see it. Context.

Make it personal. People relate to other people (not brands) who have the same dreams, beliefs, and ambitions as themselves. Literally show your face when you do that.

When advertising, don’t just describe how good your product is. Demonstrate how you solve people’s problems and how you make their lives better. What is it about your product that resonates with them?

Context, remember?

Use email to connect with those who have chosen to communicate with you. Start conversations right in their inbox.

Create content that nobody else can create — original, unique and highly relevant to your audience. People will share it. Their friends will see it. Context.

Care about your customers. They know you, they have already chosen to buy from you, so the caring will come from a familiar source.
Care about strangers. Find out when and why they need what you have to offer, and do your best to satisfy their needs. Make them see why they need you.

That’s context.

People are much more likely to respond to you if you get in the picture when they feel closer to you. Maybe that’s because the circumstances are right, because they are in a certain mood, or because you have a common connection.

It’s your job to identify when and why they need you, reach out to them and become useful. Don’t promote yourself, don’t throw messages at them, don’t be that guy. Be a resource they appreciate and do things for them they will never forget. Without asking anything back.

This is not about promoting, it’s about caring. From now on try to focus on finding the right time, the right place and the right way to do it. Think context.

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