The One Thing That Changes Everything

It’s crazy to me to think how vital timing is in what we do with our lives, how we do it, and if what were doing is even possible at that time. What’s even crazier is how perfect everything falls into place sometimes.

Your job, your friends, where you live, who you married, the list keeps going. All of these things come back to timing.

Think about it.

What are some things that you’ve accomplished or the obstacles you’ve had to overcome throughout life? Now, think about what all had to happen in order for you to get to where you are today. For example, what if you didn’t meet that one person at that one point in your life? Would you have the job you have now, have the same friends, same spouse, or would you be living in a completely different state?

I can think of so many things that would’ve changed my life drastically if it didn’t happen at a certain time.

One big one, (and of course I can relate it back to my cult experience) timing played a huge role in it. There was only one weekend that my family could possibly host an intervention for me, but the professional they hired was already booked. At the last minute, the other family canceled and he flew in. During his travels there was a huge storm and they were canceling flights left and right, but there was a small break in the storm that let his flight take off…. If he didn’t get there when he did I’m sure I’d be living somewhere far away with a very complicated and stressful relationship with my family, completely submerged in the church and married to some woman with the same mindset.


“People talk about perfect timing, but I think everything is perfect in its moment; you just want to capture that.” — Eddie Huang

I like this quote a lot. “Everything is perfect in its moment.” I think that’s true. We have the opportunity to do anything with the right timing. BUT, we can’t control time, we just have to play the cards we are dealt. Make the most of it!

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