Stupid Poetry
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Stupid Poetry

Artists Don’t Steal

Only lazy sick fucks steal.

a common trait
of lazy sick fucks
is that they are impatient
they are too smart
but not clear in the head
to see that
impatience is an extension of laziness
and they very much want to self-convince
that they aren’t lazy
(yeah, smart for their own good)
of course, they can only steal
and re-arrange stuff
and pretend they are artists
and fight hard to make it the norm
even positively…



It’s stupid, unsophisticated poetry. It's silly, absurd, awkward, and gently awful poetry.

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Pretheesh Presannan

Panic Attack Survivor. Just writing. Plays cricket. Design&Develop. You can find short stories, poems, etc, here. For any work mail to :