‘5 Foods That Nourish Spiritual Health’ by Hardik Joshi

We maintain our diet to keep our bodies healthy. But did you know that a proper diet is indispensable to keep our souls healthy? People on spiritual journeys eat spiritual food that helps them advance in their spiritual journey.

Yes, food and spiritual journey have a deep connection that we often fail to understand. These spiritual foods control your mood which prevent you from tapping into any frustration and temper fits. The quote, “You become what you eat,” means that you adopt the quality of the food you eat. As a result, you are not only fueling your body but also your soul while eating.

If you consume junk food, mood swings are not surprising. On the other hand, spiritual foods keep your mind positive and calm. Tranquility, the confidence of being in control, and a deep sense of calmness are some of the ways you realize you’re eating right.

Eating these foods will enhance your sacred journey and help you achieve the love and light you desire. Here are the 5 foods that can nurture your well-being during this spiritual journey.

5 Foods That Nourish Spiritual Health

1. Fruits

Vitamins and minerals are essential components of a nutritional diet. To extract these benefits, people can consume fresh fruits. They can eat seasonal fruits like oranges, mangoes, grapes, pears, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, kiwi, and every fruit that is enjoyed in its raw form. Processed foods are very likely to disturb the natural composition of foods since they consist of artificial chemicals. This can impede one’s spiritual journey and make one more prone to lose focus.

2. Milk

Milk nourishes our brain tissues and helps the body align with its spiritual healing. It induces positive thoughts within us and helps us eliminate negative emotions like anxiety, fear, and frustration. When your mind stays balanced and focused, the soul feels happy and content. Many eastern mystics were known to live on milk and nuts, or milk and fruits. This is said to have helped them energize themselves in a unique manner and assist them in their spiritual development.

3. Honey

Because honey is unique in many ways, it holds a special place in our inner and physical health. For example, it’s a food that technically never goes bad, which is akin to the immortal nature of the human spirit. It’s important, however, that people eat only raw honey. Pasteurizing, heating, or adding any flavors can almost entirely remove the nutritional value of honey.

4. Water

Water is a building block of life thus one can’t abandon it. Our bodies require water to maintain an overall healthy balance. Apart from being a source of survival, water opens the door to spiritual growth. One may drink water in the form of coconut water which contributes to one’s spiritual well-being. When a person is unwell, the doctor typically prescribes the patient to remain hydrated. This helps kill all the harmful bacteria that can sap one’s inner energy, or even enable dormant negative energy in the body. Water assists with maintaining a positive mindset which is critical towards an individual’s spiritual refinement.

5. Vegetables

Cooking vegetables destroys the nutritional value of the food due to its compromised form. It is always advisable to eat raw vegetables to acquire the optimal benefits of its vitamins and minerals. The water quantity in raw food is greater which keeps the body hydrated which prevents people from contracting major illnesses. Also, raw food connects the body and soul to its environment. People can consume broccoli, cabbage, and other green leafy vegetables. There is some debate on whether people should consume spicy vegetables or those hosting a strong aroma. For example, some experts believe onion excites one’s senses towards more worldly desires and may overshadow one’s spiritual leanings. However, other experts believe as long as people eat in moderation, no natural food can harm one’s spiritual journey.

After Thoughts

Food is the energy that sustains one’s body, and by choosing the right foods people can also kindle their inner, spiritual energy. The right food, along with the constant daily endeavor to advance in spiritual growth, takes one to the next level of their spiritual growth.

When people integrate the above five foods into their diet, they’ll begin to notice healthy changes. These foods help purify one’s body and soul by generating more positive vibrations.

Meet the Contributing Author — Hardik Joshi

Credit: Hardik Joshi

Hardik is the Founder of HoneyVeda. He’s passionate about helping people discover and enjoy pure, raw honey, and simultaneously ensure farmers can increase their incomes. When not thinking of more ways to do this, he can be found working out and reading. Credit: Hardik Joshi

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Ready to connect with passion and purpose? We’re proud to celebrate life in STYLE on all levels! Style My Soul is a unique community. Visit stylemysoul.com.




Ready to connect with passion and purpose? We’re proud to celebrate life in STYLE on all levels! ​ Style My Soul is a unique community. Visit stylemysoul.com.

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Style My Soul (StyleMySoul.com)

Ready to connect with passion and purpose? We’re proud to celebrate life in STYLE on all levels! ​ Style My Soul is a unique community. Visit stylemysoul.com.

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