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4 min readOct 31, 2022


STYLE Protocol, the cross-metaverse interoperability platform has announced that they have made the first CloneX NFT interoperable in 3 metaverses.

Transcending identity across the multiverse: STYLE Protocol aims to bring monetization, utilization, and interoperability to any Virtual Asset in any game, metaverse or virtual world.

October 31st, 2022, written by Gian Marco Hammond — STYLE Protocol announced today that they have furthered the notion of interoperability and made more history by bridging the CloneX NFT #6773 into Decentraland, Somnium Space and Monaverse.

This is a massive moment for the NFT space, the CloneX community and for STYLE Protocol themselves.

They are now the only company to have bridged two of the most successful, blue chip, NFT projects into a combined 7 worlds.

STYLE Protocol’s vision is to become the go-to multiverse-backbone that helps maximize the utility and value of smart Digital Assets and Virtual Goods.

Original CloneX 6773 NFT

A 2D image, an NFT of RTFKT’s Clonex NFT, was modeled into multiple optimized 3D versions as an avatar to wear and express yourself in these environments.

In the future, they will make them available for games as well so that you could play your favorite games as your one-of-one or profile picture (PFP).

3D version of the NFT modelled for Somninum Space

This opens the door for any NFT holder Owner, NFT project, brand, or designer to collaborate with STYLE Protocol to turn their designs into interoperable artworks.

Digital freedom and movement has been not only a question, but a crucial milestone for the space, industry, and era. We are finally getting to the point where this is now a reality — thanks to this technology!

CloneX we made interoperable for Somnium Space and Monaverse

The industry has been mentioning the word interoperability since the metaverse became a significant buzzword over the last two years. NFTs have become a symbol of culture, prestige, influence, and identity.

Society has started to purchase NFTs to represent themselves as PFPs for social media but also for culture and community, and now they can roam freely as their NFT in multiple metaverses and games.

One big problem within the industry is turning NFTs into 3D models and 3D compatible assets. Additionally, within the gaming industry, scarcity is a problem as many users look the same. This translates to a lack of individuality and self-expression.

This is an issue that their ecosystem conquers and solves. The gaming industry is the largest entertainment industry in the world, and for STYLE Protocol to be adding interoperability and personalization to that is groundbreaking.

CloneX NFT Modelled for the Sandbox

Finally, by accessing the protocol, one can turn your one-of-one NFT, like the CloneX, into your outfit for up to 17+ metaverses or games.

The staked NFT is a derivative, and one can even choose to distribute and sell it — solving also two of the biggest problems at the same time, which are monetization and utilization.

This empowers the creator economy and your personal digital asset can not only become a way of representing yourself but a way of generating another income stream.

Our current partners for environments, or metaverses, are Decentraland, Sandbox, Ultiverse, Adaland, Cosmic Factions, Gamestate, Somnium Space, Fabwelt, Fantaverse, MetaArrow, Monaverse, VispX, AlphaBatem, Amber, Yaku, ILLUSORR and Crypto Voxels with more metaverses to be announced soon!

STYLE Protocol aims to empower creators and young up-and-coming designers by adding utility, monetization opportunities and interoperability to their artwork. To build use cases for communities to utilize assets across different platforms, and to provide access to exclusive virtual wearables for brands and designers. Finally, they aim to turn existing NFTs into skins, avatars, or wearables for different games and metaverses, acting as a decentralized metaverse exchange (DMX).

Final note:

The Alpha Version of the protocol is up for testing by the Web3 community now. You can earn super valuable $STYLE token while testing and all the instructions for the test can be found here.

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STYLE Protocol
$STYLE Protocol

A protocol to automatically bridge any NFT into any metaverse of the owners/players choice for cross-metaverse usability.