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3 min readAug 18, 2022



We continuously look to find new, dynamic ways to empower our ecosystem and the Web3 community.

We are always looking for new, exciting and diverse environments to partner with and we are excited to announce our new partnership with FantaVerse.

FantaVerse is a Metaverse 3.0 game that enables gamers & creators to BUILD, OWN, PLAY & FEEL all aspects of a leading-edge high poly 3D gaming ecosystem powered by its versatile FantaGlass & FANTAVERSE EDITOR for boundless hi-resolution creativity & gameplay.

All elements in the environment can be brought to other metaverses and games as 3D avatars, wearables, accessories or pets through STYLE Protocol. Elements from your own wallet and collection can also be brought into the environment.

FantaVerse’s ecosystem combined with STYLE Protocol and our ability to bridge assets from world to world, will lead to increased utility, customisation and freedom.

This is why a collaboration between FantaVerse and STYLE Protocol makes so much sense, because we are both focusing on similar ideas and values.

We are both trying to create a dynamic environment where avatars interact with each other.

We are trying to bring increased fun, utility and interoperability to games and metaverses.

FantaVerse focuses on the development of blockchain and metaverse technology.

Its debut decentralized metaverse game, FantaVerse, is based on blockchain technologies with a Play&Earn game model where players can earn valuable tokens through building interplanetary kingdoms, dynamic gameplay and by actively contributing to the FantaVerse ecosystem.

FantaVerse is a Web 3.0 metaverse gaming world inspired by the legendary sci-fi movie, READY PLAYER ONE.

FantaVerse will be grand like the movie’s OASIS but with infinite cosmic space and countless planets where players can play different games and experience life on each planet.

The FantaVerse metaverse comprises of 480 planets and it is divided into Genesis, Life, Core and Resource class planets.

Each class of planets provides different key functions such as social interaction, gaming, in-game tasks, resource mining and entertainment.

Game developers or players can further develop the FantaVerse gaming ecosystem by constructing their own planets using FantaEditor, FantaVerse’s proprietary game editor.

With FantaEditor, creators can further enhance the qualities of the FantaVerse metaverse with scenes, characters, assets and custom gameplay that they can envision.

Customisation and collaboration are two key components of enabling growth, authenticity and scarcity within this industry. Which is why we are so excited to be partneting with FantaVerse.

The growing creative revolution has made technology and creativity co-dependent, we live in an era now where a lot of creativity is defined by technology.

Entertainment is also defined by technology and therefore by enabling creativity and customisation in an interactive, gaming, ecosystem we are empowering a younger generation of creators.

Join our discord and check out the environment channel.

The environments are platforms, metaverses and games offering the 3D version of the NFTs for sale within their environments. The customers and players within these ecosystems will be able to utilize the assets from the STYLE Protocol supply chain..

Secondly, there are tailors who are a network of 3D designers who turn the NFT into a 3D file and make it ready for each world.

Finally, there are the owners who are the ones who own and want to bridge their assets into the chosen environment.

Your NFT can become part of metaverse history by being interoperable in every world starting with FantaVerse.



STYLE Protocol
$STYLE Protocol

A protocol to automatically bridge any NFT into any metaverse of the owners/players choice for cross-metaverse usability.