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Your dominance, power, prestige and personality is now interoperable and translatable into 3 different environments!

The Money Shark NFT is now available in The Sandbox, Crypto Voxels and Somnium Space thanks to STYLE Protocol and our ecosystem.

Many more environments will be announced soon and by simply connecting with our MVP one can turn their 2D or 3D asset or NFT into a skin, or avatar ready to stamp your mark, express yourself and create chaos in the multiverse.

Money Shark Avatar Created for Somnium Space

Their sharks are perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of excitement and danger to their virtual world.

The sharks are at the top of the food chain, and they’ll go to any lengths to survive.

Money Sharks are a group of wealthy investors who have decided to invest heavily in virtual worlds to become the kings of the metaverse!

The 3D character can be used in ANY virtual and augmented reality applications, giving users a unique experience! Thanks to their integration with STYLE Protocol, they will be among the first communities in the world to offer this utility to holders!

Money Shark in the Metaverse

The Sharks believe that the metaverse will eventually become the dominant reality, and they want to be the rulers of it.

The OG genesis collection included a total of 222 different sharks, each with its own unique appearance and personality.

The upcoming collection has a supply of 2022 NFTs and includes ten super rare sharks with unique traits!

The Sharks have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. They released a highly sought-after OG collection that sold out quickly.

The proceeds from the sale were used to purchase land in popular metaverses like “The Otherside”, “Sandbox” and Crypto Voxels made interoperable and usable thanks to the partnership with STYLE Protocol.

They will be available in Decentraland, Adaland, Cosmic Factions, Gamestate, Somnium Space, Fabwelt, Fantaverse, MetaArrow, soon as well, with more metaverses to be announced soon!

The Money Shark avatar for the Sandbox

What is important to note is:

Their MINT is on October 8th, this Saturday at 7am CET!

Since we have completed their 3D Models and have the base model for the Metaverse; now, every user has the option to turn their Money Shark into their own one-of-one avatar through our MVP.

By collaborating we are making waves in the metaverse space, whilst bringing stories, dynamics, diversity, guild and most importantly 3D art with us.

We are turning 2D images into interoperable, personalisable 3D renders that can teleport from environment to environment, bringing your personality and your authenticity with you.

Through our ecosystem and their creativity we are both combining to help artists and the community make that transition from Web2 to Web3.

Become part of the Money Sharks story through STYLE Protocol.

Transcend your identity, and turn into something that you could never be in real life, a shark.

Additionally, are you someone who owns an NFT and wants it bridged into multiple environments?

Join our discord and check out the owner channel to see how you can upload your designs or collection to the metaverse.

Through being a part of STYLE Protocol you join our ecosystem of Owners, Tailors and Environments.

If you want your NFTs turned into 3D assets, head to and connect directly with the MVP to start the automated process of asset creation.

To read our whitepaper that was released recently follow this link:





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STYLE Protocol
$STYLE Protocol

A protocol to automatically bridge any NFT into any metaverse of the owners/players choice for cross-metaverse usability.