Friday fave: Lalla Wandavi knitwear

We met the very talented knitware designer Lalla Wandavi about her work and her ethics and fell in love.

Why an ethical brand?

“I would like to see a world where people go back to their roots, where we start producing and selling locally, where everyone has a skill to bring to the team and there is no waste of material. I would like to see the use of fur disappear eventually and people using animals only as pets.

I would like to see our people engaged with jobs that they really love and that they feed that love back into their families.

I want to see that people are really fulfilled in their lives and respected for who they are. I think that ethical brands and sustainable fashion can lead to all of the above.”

How is your brand ethical?

“My brand is ethical because I knit everything on my own at present. I design, choose my yarn and produce bespoke outfits for great individuals. I sell to friends and friends of friends and people that approach me through social media. There is no waste in what I do. I don’t use chemicals and I only use natural fibres for yarn — wool, silk and cashmere. And even when I expand, I’m committed to not driving away from all the things which make my work so special right now.”

What do you think is the biggest challenge at the moment for ethical fashion brands?

“Making a profit and feeding it back into resources.”

Who is your customer, who are you creating for?

“I am creating highend knitwear products for women who want to stand out of the crowd and really care about where products come from and how they have been made.”

Where can people find your products?

“At the moment only through personal contact either via my Facebook page or email. My website is coming soon!”

What’s next for you and your company?

“I am currently studying for a Master Degree in Fashion Knitwear Design and afterwards I would like to expand into menswear and unisex knitted products. My dream is to create a social enterprise aimed at empowering teenagers by giving them the opportunity to work in a fashion environment and teaching them to knit highend products which we would then sell. It would be a great way to promote made in England products whilst training young people in developing a new skill for themselves and give them the confidence they need to go for what they want in life.”

Thank you for the interview and wish you all the best achieving your dreams!