To Kill Three Myths With One Look

To Kill Three Myths With One Look

To keep the sanctity of a system going we need to conform to a set of rules. But some of the biggest creations were made by tweaking, if not breaking, set rules. Keeping in sync with that, we are excited to show you how we have killed three myths in the world of fashion styling at the summer special Ommyra event organized by Blabbercat.

Myth number 1: Wearing black on a summer afternoon is a strict NO-NO. Busted!

Black summer

You do not HAVE TO be a conformist to wearing summery bright colours. If black is your first love then go for it. The only trick is to keep the number short and definitely made of natural fibres.

Myth Number 2: Assymetry is a thing of the past. Busted!

For all we know, it’s one of the easiest ways to make your legs look leaner and hence taller, so we don’t mind looking a little dated (if at all)!

Myth number 3: One should never combine a peter pan with a button-down high rise neck!

The rule about style is that there are barely any rules. Feel free to combine a turtle neck with a peter pan or even a waterfall. It’s your body and hence your confidence should be pulling off a look rather than some ‘set norms’.

Ladies, feel free to break the stereotypical norms, that is when you will create something beautiful and remarkable.

Wardrobe Courtesy: Ommyra

Event Hosted by: BlabberCat Official

Photography: Darshana Banthia

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