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ICM| Week 8

This is a long story for my final project concept. At first, I decide to do it by myself and this is the final project.

But when I listen to Helen’s idea last week I become very interested in her project. So this week, I decided to collaborate with her.

If you forget her project last week, this is the link:

At first, we decided to make it a real product to reduce people using phone time. But after user research, we found that our users don’t think it can really an influence their behaviors and reduce their using phone time. So we give up and decide to design an artwork to provoke users mind and thinking to phone’s influence on people’s life.

the illustration of model
We will put a bluetooth wireless charger in the middle

This week I take charge for ICM part. To make the drop shadow from the projector fancier, I get the inspiration from the universe and decide to make star transit effect.

Picture by Helen

This is the first ICM I made:

I decided to make user crossing through the universe. So I changed it a little bit.

I also change the color to white but I would like to listen to your opinions which one you like.

I also combine the Pcom part with ICM. The process is :

When no phone on the charger, all the characters will talk to each other and live a very happy life. In ICM part, it will show the white light.

When the user puts their phones on the wireless charger, all the characters will move their body to watch iPhone. In ICM part, it will show the star transit and when times go on, the transit speed will faster and faster.

So I put the Varistor on the charger to change its resistance. When Pcom receives the input, it will send ICM a number to change ICM status.

This is the final result:

About the servo part, we have made it move and next step we will try to put it inside of our characters.



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