The sad tale of domestic violence

Photo by Abigail Keenan

Radhika Lee author of her own biography RAINBOW IN MY CLOUDS tells it all to what it took for her to birth Nairobi International School, the first E-school in East Africa. Her book depicts her character and sure is a page turner. She is strong -willed and nothing , no obstacle stood in her way of achieving her purpose in life; not even the love of her life who was her weakness , Mr. Madhav Lee.

Though educated and having reached certain heights of success early on in her career, it is sad to note that she had been a victim of domestic violence. Furthermore, she has been subjected to racial discrimination but has been able to come out unscathed. Her heart still selfless , still hopeful and most importantly still full of love.

In many ways most women are cultured like that.When I was reading the book I detested her for loving a man who was so wrong for her , she loved, supported him even when he bashed her , harmed her , violated her , ashamed her and kept pulling her down. Deep down she prayed for a miracle that maybe someday things would change for the better , isn’t that what we are taught ?To stick around and pray for our men even when everyone knows it is a lost cause. Leaving is always considered a taboo .

Ms.Lee was creating a safe haven for children while her own home was struggling to choke the life out of her. From the outside looking in, one would think she was living her the best life. Radhika the one everyone envied. The one who did her job exceptionally well, the one who was escalating heights in her career getting one promotion after another yet her home seemed to be like World War 3 almost every single night.(As women it has been ingrained in us that having a family and bearing children is the epitome of success..how untrue this notion is.)

Radhika Lee comes from a culture that still shuns divorce by all means and while women are breaking barriers most of them are home taking care of the family. This explains why such a successful lady would choose to go through such agonizing experiences at the hands of someone who is meant to love her and protect her. Nevertheless, she is among the few who talk about their ordeal. There are very few who do and as long as the world thinks we have it together then we don’t have to speak about it right? Wrong. Speaking about it does not lessen the pain or the experience but it helps other women to know that they are not the only victims of domestic violence whether rich or poor;whether managers or sweepers.

Speak up.It is okay not to be okay with such kind of treatment.

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