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Exclusive Blockchain Platform takes Subscription Market by Storm

Ravi Halai
Jul 10, 2018 · 1 min read

The heavily-anticipated release of’s mobile subscription-based marketplace is over. Subbit is poised to disrupt the subscription economy with their newly developed, blockchain backed ecosystem.

Primarily, Subbit provides an interactive solution to connect consumers interested in subscribing to new and unique services provided by vendors. Vendors, for example, high street retailers, can sell their products or content on a subscription basis, rather than just a one-off purchase. This can be achieved by using vouchers or by offering periodic store credit (all managed by Subbit’s clever mobile software!)

To further promote the use of the SBT token on the Subbit platform, all transactions will be completely free for vendors who transact in SBT. Internal fees have been eliminated for all users.

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Subbit lets you create a simple subscription plan from your…

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