Why we invested in EarlyBird

Invest In The Children You Love

Last week we publicly disclosed our first venture investment of our fund in EarlyBird. Their mission is to simplify investing and elevate gifting to enable a brighter financial future for the next generation. Family and friends stay connected to the children in their lives by making sustainable gifts through tailored investments; while children have the freedom to pursue their passions and chase their dreams.

A $20 toy given to a kid back in 2000 would be worth $71 today (2020) if all we did was invest it in the S&P 500. Instead that toy is probably sitting in a landfill when we all know the box is what the kids really wanted to play with!

The Millenial generation of parents prefer to spend on experiences over things. This generation also has significantly more student debt than any generation before them by a wide margin. If EarlyBird can tap into these mega trends through gifting meaningfully, they could be one of a few big players in this space.

The founding team consists of Jordan Wexler (CEO), Caleb Frankel (COO), and Marcelle Saulnier-Holland (Head of Product Design).

I am very excited to partner with this team of founders. While I have known Caleb as he and I worked together previously, over the past year I’ve gotten to know Jordan and Marcelle. This is an ambitious team that likes to move fast, is willing to question each other and is humble enough to admit when mistakes have been made. I think that’s absolutely a winning formula!



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