Working Harder Won’t Always Work

We all work hard. Work smarter by being focused and disciplined.
  • the flow to work to pitch investors on demo day
  • a fix to production to calm active users
  • a feature live that was sold to a large customer with a deadline
  • Schedule dedicated and significant time to think without distractions. This can be blocked off time on a calendar, a long lunch, a run, even a vacation. The goal is to make sure you’re clear on what’s most important to have the company achieve.
  • Watch your ego. To be a founder, you have to be courageous, but it’s important to be able to take criticism and grow from it. You aren’t invincible, even if you just pulled off what seemingly was impossible. Being able to reflect on where you can improve and taking actions to improve there, are critical for you and the company. Getting an executive coach is a great way to do this.
  • Run better and fewer meetings. It’s super easy to setup a 60 minute meeting with 6–10 people where there is no clear objective, no clear decision maker and where multiple people reiterate what someone else just said so they participated. The meeting ends with a very light to-do list and the can got kicked down the road for another week. It’s hard to run focused meetings only when needed, only with those that must be in the room. Those are the meetings that drive business forward and keep everyone else working on what they need to achieve.
  • Stay focused. I know you have bills to pay and need to keep the company afloat, but keep your eyes on the prize.



Subconscious Ventures partners with relentless and humble founders to help them make smarter decisions faster. We utilize mistakes we’ve made operating businesses and what we did to correct them to help founders early in their journey. Send pitch decks to

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