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Subpad by Subme

Adshares and Subme will create the Ad Tech ecosystem for the development of the new blockchain startups

The main purpose of the partnership which has been struck between Subme and Adshare is to create a friendly environment and ecosystem for the new startups in the early development stage, which will allow them to gain crucial financing and marketing support.

Finding the right place for obtaining the financing is one of the essential steps for the young projects and this part mostly decides about their future development path. These days, the popular Venture Capital solutions consisting of granting the shares of the company in exchange for obtaining financing for development are getting less and less popular due to the possibilities offered by the tokenization.

However, in the process of raising the funds (especially with the blockchain technology) important is not only the total sum of raised funds but also the reputation and transparency of the platform, marketing, and monetization processes — those are the key factors that influence potential investors. The proper combination of all the mentioned above elements will decide how the new startup will be viewed by public opinion.

The newest version of Subme Launchpad — SubPad will allow the new projects to raise funds with blockchain technology. Investors, locking the $SUB tokens will receive the guaranteed allocation. The dependency between the amount of allocation and the period of $SUB staking time will grant the possibility to the investors with fewer funds for the satisfactory investment.

On the other hand, the startups — thanks to the use cases of cryptocurrencies and SubPad for gaining the funds — show that their Founders are ready for adopting the new technologies.

There is more to it than just financing

The launchpad’s core purpose is to quickly and effectively collect the funds needed for the project development from the crypto investors. The need for personal contact with advertisers and analyzing the metrics is time-consuming and negatively impacts the business activity — overpaying for the ads is quite often encountered.

Plenty of startups that will appear on the SubPad will be projects related to cryptocurrencies, and this is why here comes the challenge. Google may make it difficult for the project to use Google Ads by cutting the project’s coverage. On the other hand, other available platforms will not offer good financial conditions, e.g. payment in advance without knowing the possible outcomes of the actions nor without giving any guarantees. In blockchain marketing agencies it is a common practice to pay without knowing whether the target can be or will be achieved. Unfortunately, too often is offered access to complicated systems which will disrupt the effective and successful promotion of the project.

Once the startups are ready to get launched, Adshares protocol and Subme will help them. After connecting with the ads network built on Adshares, the projects’ Founders will gain the access to hundreds of editors in direct peer-to-peer communication. Ad Tech software, SubPad platform, and know-how which both Subme and Adshares offer will grant to the new projects the marketing possibilities which are not achievable in other places, but what is more — the whole process and marketing system is simple and transparent — the projects will no longer waste time and efforts on complicated analyzes.


As more and more startups decide to advertise themselves in the Metaverse space, they will likely be looking for the best solutions available in terms of promoting themselves and monetization. These will especially pertain to the projects using SubPad and dedicated for the receivers of the modern technologies.

This is why with Subme and Adshares the startups will get the possibility to advertise themselves in Metaverse — The newly introduced interactive 3D ads models implementation grants the possibility to reach out to the potential customers in several Metaverse spaces at once through delivering to them personal 3D experience connected to the brand of the startup!


The partnership which has been announced between Subme and Adshares holds a bright future in terms of developing new crypto projects, especially for the initial stages of the new startups, when financial and marketing support is in high demand.



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