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Cannumi project Private Sale available for Subme HODLers

The Cannabis industry means regulatory challenges, high stock exchange valuations of companies in the United States, and sometimes spectacular collapses.

It is also making its first steps in the Polish market, though the competition here is also significant. Cannumi plans to connect the Blockchain market with Cannabis allowing the financing of daring startup projects from the Cannabis industry.

What is Cannumi?

Cannumi is the first in the world marketplace and social platform that brings together cannabis enthusiasts and Crypto-Geeks to the same place, where censorship and limitations do not exist. An innovative approach and passion for Cannabis and Blockchain industries are what define it.

It will not be easy to narrow the project’s description to a few definitions. Most of all, Cannumi is a Social Media platform focused on merging both industries. However, due to the specific character, it brings a broad spectrum of possibilities, including a blockchain-based Cannabis marketplace.

Even though Cannabis and Blockchain hold tremendous potential, they keep being stigmatized by common stereotypes. Breakthrough solutions enter the world only when their precursors bid farewell to the erroneous analyses and gain access to the necessary knowledge. Complicated law regulations usually restrict the free flow of information. That is why the Cannumi Society will focus on the free flow of information.

The utilities of the platform will create solid connections between experienced industry leaders and emerging innovators.

Cannumi Plans & Private Sale at Subpad

The project roadmap includes many ambitious goals, which Cannumi aims to complete, including:

  • Launchpad for Cannabis blockchain projects
  • Social Platform for Cannabis Enthusiasts
  • E-learning platform
  • Top Grass Club
  • Extensive NFTs ecosystem

What is worth mentioning, the famous raper Mops has joined the project and decided to create a new channel “All Time High” promoting Cannabis industry.

The Cannumi project is being fundraised through the fundraising known as “Private Sale”.

It is the so-called private offer available only for the chosen investors, who may influence positively the development of the project and think long-term about their investment. Participation in Private Sales allows purchasing tokens at lower prices than in Public Sales, bringing the possibility to invest more than through Public Sales and access to the inside news about the company’s development.

Access to Private Sales is not common, but there is a way to participate in a Sale. You only need to join the One Million Club created by Subpad (Subme).

Investors who own 1 Million or more $SUB tokens, after locking them at: can participate in Private Sales available only for “accredited investors”.

How can you join the One Million Club?

You can join One Million Club via entering the website: and locking 1 000 000 $SUB tokens through calculator (the longer the locking period you choose, the more allocation you can receive). After that step, you will only need to fill in this registration form:, and voilà!

You will be granted the access to the Private Discord channel, where Subpad has announced 4 new projects available at the Private Sale stage!


Cannumi and Subme have announced a partnership that aims to promote to the world high-quality Cannabis products. Both projects try to demonstrate how the alternative source of financing for startups is available for everyone. The same goes for being a crypto investor.



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