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Get ready for the Beta Testing!

Here comes the time for the daredevils who declared themselves as beta testers of the Subme App! On the 24th of January, you will receive an email with the details and steps you will have to complete if you want to use the beta version of the Subme application.

This is a second part of the testing — the first part has started already in December when we have asked the merchants willing to join the Subme revolution from the beginning.

The merchants’ tests went well, and we have made many proposed changes that make the usage of the app easier from the perspective of the vendors, who would like to implement the subscription model for their customers.

What have we prepared for you?

A Subme platform is a place, which we could call a subscriptions’ marketplace. It offers a unique way to connect merchants and customers, providing them both the ability to reap the benefits from the subscription economy.

The application will be launched first on the Polish market, and this is why it was adapted for Polish users (InPost integration), yet knowing that some of our beta testers and main investors are from abroad, we have decided that the app for the beta testing will have the English language version enabled as well (for the Android devices).

The web version of the application will be made available for you to use on 24.01 and the link to it will be provided within the invitation mail. You will also have a possibility to download the Android version of the app from the Google Play Store by copying and pasting the second link from the same invitation mail right to your browser.

Now, let us learn what will be available for you in the app!

Once you have launched the app, it will be time to join the party! We got plenty of products available for you in the database from our merchants and partners, so there can be a lot of testing if you want to delve deeper into checking them out.

You will have the chance to check out the offers, edit the subscriptions’ settings, subscriptions’ duration or to cancel your subscriptions’ plan, choose the delivery place and method (InPost shipments to parcel lockers), try out different offers, packages, and subscriptions’ plans, register as a new user, log in, and create your profile.

You will also get information about cash backs in $SUBs, and have the possibility to try out different payment methods (demo versions of them) — all of them will be provided to you in the email describing the beta tests.

However, as it is only a beta version, SOME OF THE FEATURES WILL BE HIDDEN FROM YOUR VIEW so you can bring in more valuable feedback as users as we do not want to influence your opinion. Why? Because this is what beta testing is for — finding the most convenient solutions for our users based on your opinions.

We are counting on you!

This is the moment of the life of the Subme App when a lot depends on you while you are a beta tester! After experimenting with the app, please provide us with all the thoughts and suggestions we should implement.

While it is the customer side of the application you will be beta testing, keep in mind that the same tests and iterations we have performed already with the merchants’ part of the application!

We are waiting for your feedback and we will implement your suggestions in order to make our application better and thus more successful upon its release to market.

We wish you a pleasant time during your beta testing!

Would you like to know more about Subme and to stay up to date with us? Do not hesitate and just join our newsletter through the link provided below:





We are here to disrupt the subscription economy by redefining it.

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