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HOPX seed sale at One Million Sub Club!

The crypto market conditions are not easy as we have been around the 20 000 USD for BTC mark for some time now. It’s at moments like these when you can make the best investments — it’s the time of building innovative and reasonable (not built on hype only) projects.

This is why we are presenting you with something extraordinary — the HOPX project. Available in Seed in the seed round for one week only and for the One Million Club members. If you are not in the Club and want to join just follow the steps at:

The Seed Sale Offer stands only for those who invest between 27.10.2022–03.11.2022. After these dates, only the Strategic Sale token pool will be available

What is the HOPX? Beer culture & Cap Controller

HOPX project is a WEB3 Explore and Earn platform where players visit city spots like craft bars to receive special HOP boxes containing HOPX tokens. To open a HOPBOX you have to play games on your smartphone with a special SMALLEST GAMING CONTROLLER in the form of a beer CAP. HOPX tokens will first need to be purchased from the market by the HOP spot/event organizers (PUBs) in order for them to be distributed in the P2E fashion. The demand for HOPX tokens will be strengthened by minting, levelling up NFT and many other ways to bring sustainable tokenomics unlike the other Move2Earn and P2E projects.

The project is after 3 years of R&D to create the CAP controller and the listing of the $HOPX token is planned for Q1 2023. What is more the app for Android is ready with 7 games onboard. Some of the key product features are:

  • Patented solution for the USA and Europe
  • Pilot program starting Q4 in San Diego and Los Angeles;
  • Bringing (paid) traffic to the craft bars with exact data — sustainable tokenomics;

The HOPX token demand will be created for purchasing subscriptions by bars for hotspots, app payments, physical caps, NFT royalties, staking by partners, and tournaments.




Pitch deck:



We are here to disrupt the subscription economy by redefining it.

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