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How to take part in the SUBPAD IDO — Terra Land

The interest for the $TLAND in the crypto industry is enormous, and there is nothing strange about it — the obvious reason why is because many crypto investors use crypto gains to buy properties and diversify them. If you would like to find out more about the Terra Land check out this article or Whitepaper. There are $100.000 of $TLAND grabs available for $SUB liquidity providers, so just get ready!


In order to get on the First Come, First Served (FCFS) whitelist for the SUB launchpad, you are required to have $1000 to $3000 worth of SUB/BNB in locked liquidity. In order to add liquidity you need to hold an equal (USD) value of SUB and BNB in your BEP-20 wallet.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE for those who were farming before in the OLD PANEL — go to the old panel, remove your liquidity and add it again in following steps (new IDO panel)

Firstly, Click Register of the IDO

To create the liquidity, click GET SUB/BNB tokens button at (available from 15 UTC) or go straight to the website linked below:

Provide the amount of BNB and SUB you would like to add liquidity with and click the button Supply, but keep in mind these values:

  1. If provided liquidity is worth 1000 USD you will have 25% chance of getting whitelisted
  2. If provided liquidity is worth 2000 USD you will have 50% chance of getting whitelisted
  3. If provided liquidity is worth 3000 USD you will have 100% chance of getting whitelisted

Example: If you want to get 100% chance of getting whitelisted, then you have to provide at least $1500 worth of BNB and $1500 worth of $SUB. You can find out how much it is in BNB and SUB by holding your cursor over the boxes like in the picture below.

There is one thing you need to remember about before getting whitelisted — adding and locking liquidity. Just provide the number of SUB/BNB (or click MAX) and click ADD LP Tokens. After it, confirm your transaction in MetaMask.

Locking liquidity can be done by confirming the Terms and Conditions. Provide the number of staked tokens and click LOCK TOKENS. After the IDO you can unlock them. Unlocking can be done in two ways: by waiting 5 days for unlocking, or by paying 5% tax on the transaction and getting LP tokens instantly.

In order to provide us with your Terra Wallet address, please provide all the data in the link below (Mandatory all tasks):

Who will get whitelisted?

If you have provided $3000 in USD then you will have a guaranteed place on the whitelist (please make sure to check your address on the whitelist). If the locked value is less than that ($1000 or $2000) the chances are respectively lower.

All the whitelisted addresses will be published on our social media (2.11.21 11:45 AM) after the whitelist closure night before on 1.11 at 23:00 PM UTC.

In order to get your $TLAND tokens you have to send UST (BEP-20) to the smart contract. It can be done by clicking on the button Buy TLAND tokens. This possibility will start on 12:00 UTC (noon) 2.11.2021.

VERY IMPORTANT — YOU HAVE TO SENT TO THE CONTRACT UST (BEP-20) not other stable coins. NO USDT, NO USDC or others.

If you do not know how to buy UST (BEP-20) here is a tutorial:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the token you would like to swap for UST (BUSD have the best liquidity)
  1. In select a currency box, type UST and click Import and then Add


If you have followed the steps, you should be able to get the $TLand allocation. Please remember that being on the whitelist doesn’t necessarily mean that you can get an allocation — as there are First Come, First Served rules. Anyway, with 200 allocations, the chances are big, and the most important part is to be to connect the wallet on our sale panel right after it will be presented on Monday 2.11.2021.



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