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Subpad by Subme

Last month at Subme! Farming, IDO, NFTs, and Terra Land!

October and the beginning of November were intense! We have seen crazy price fluctuations, partnership with one of the most expected Terra Luna projects, and many more! The team is working constantly, and we hope it is visible to the community. Let us go through what happened in the last 30 days!


First things first — at the beginning of October, we have introduced the farming possibility with MASSIVE rewards — 80.000.000 $SUB. In the first minutes, the APY was over 10.000%! As more people joined, the APY become smaller, but it is still a great opportunity for you to multiply your $SUBs!

What is farming?

You can read more about it here:

Dubai Conference, Błachwicz Tickets and burning

Our team has been in Dubai during the Future Crypto Conference. Multiple contacts have been established and developed — one of them was especially fruitful (Terra Land). Apart from that, expect more of the outcomes of being at this conference!

After the conference, we have invited our community to join the burning fun! 500.000 $SUB tokens were burned to get the diamond tickets for Jan Blachowicz fight in Abu Dhabi.

IDO on SubPad

It happened quickly, and it was intense! During the week before which the IDO started, $SUB price surged almost 100%! People who got into the Terra Land IDO are definitely happy, as the $TLAND price was over x13 in the first hours after listing! We cannot wait for the next IDO!

You can read more about the SubPad below:

And about the Terra Land here:

Jan Blachowicz signed NFT Gloves! Uniqly partnership!

Jan Blachowicz gloves in a form of NFTs? Only at Subme x Uniqly! With our partnership, you can get the NFT (with VERY cool utility — to be presented soon) of the UFC gloves! One of them are going to be the original ones from the fight with Glover Teixeira!



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