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One Million $Sub Club is here!

How does it feel to be a Millionaire? If you are not sure, we can tell you — it feels wonderful and grants plenty of perks! Especially when talking about being a $SUB Millionaire. In this article, we are going to introduce all the perks that come with holding more than 1.000.000 $SUB tokens. The possibility to join the club will come with the opening of a special One Million $SUB landing page, where the members of the club will be able to join the club by temporarily locking their $SUB tokens.

Why is it worth to join the One Million $SUB Club?

1. Guaranteed whitelist at the Sub Pad.

As many of you know, some time ago we have introduced the SubPad — a place where the Subme Partner projects can gather the funds for creating their businesses. The first project that joined the SubPad was Terra Land (TLAND). This project gathered $100.000 with Subme, and all the Subme community members that joined the sale were definitely very well rewarded — the TLAND token at the start was x13 more expensive than at the presale.

2. Partner Boxes

As you know, Subme has a lot of partners in the real economy. Some new ones are going to be announced in the near future. The members of the One Million $SUB Club will have a chance to try out the products available in the app for free. Once a month, you will receive the products from one of our partners!

3. Free Spotify and Netflix

Holding the tokens gives you real-life benefits. By joining the exclusive SUB Millionaire Club, you will get free access to Spotify, and Netflix! As long as you are in the Club, your favorite subscriptions are free.

4. Airdrops

The projects available at the SubPad — and the ones that Subme is making the partnerships with — will provide the airdrop for our 1 Million Club Members! That is the beauty of being a $SUB millionaire — your $SUB is working for you!

5. One Million $SUB channel

All the members of the Club will be invited to join the special channel, where we will be posting exclusive info about the Subme project. You will have the possibility to comment and shape the way Subme is being developed.


Being a part of the $SUB Club brings a lot of perks, and we are sure that some of you will buy their $SUB tokens to become the part of this club. 👀 Stay tuned and keep your eyes on our social media, where the link to join the One Million $SUB Club will be presented soon.



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