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Public Sale and $SUB supply reduced. It’s time for Bullish Tokenomics Update!

In this article, we will go through the motives, profits, and tokenomics after the already announced change within the public sale. If you haven’t already heard, the next sale will be conducted by the end of the month on June 29th and the listing on Pancake Swap will be on 1th of July. The max amount raised will during the sale will be $600 000 instead of $1,4M.

The reasoning behind the change

The answer is simple here. We are a global startup that works hard, and we have team members and subcontractors all over the world. Thanks to their expertise and advice, we can adapt to the changing market conditions and create better hype and investor awareness about the $SUB tokens. We want $SUB listing (1 July) to be a great experience for everyone, especially the long-term investors. The lower amount raised on public sale connected with a great hype (we’ve just gone over 15k followers on Twitter) will definitely deliver this experience. Yet there is something more important to the story. Our big goal.

The idea of creating Subme was based on the notion of allowing people to receive their favorite products regularly and having all their subscriptions in one place. Creating an app to do that is essential. After talking to numerous software houses and engineers, we managed to get offers to create the app cheaper. This is the second and most important reason to lower the Public Sale Cap to $600 000, yet many profits will come along, too.

Is this good news for the investors?

It definitely is. It is common knowledge that the lower market cap means the better potential growth and the smoother listing experience. We want everyone to be happy!

First of all, the lower cap means it will be not so easy for everyone to get on the sale. One word — BULLISH.

Secondly, the lower cap is healthy long-term. It makes a probability of a price dump much lower, making the investors' sleep easier and the community stronger.

Especially considering what will be done with the remaining tokens. 👀

What are we going to do with the remaining $SUB tokens?

Here comes great news for the long-term investors who believe SUB could potentially disrupt the subscription market we know today. At first, during the second public we were supposed to sell 134 700 000 $SUB tokens, but for the reasons stated above, there will be only 57 731 165 available. What will happen with 76 968 835 $SUB?

We are going to burn and give them away to the long-term investors! To be more precise, 50% of the amount left will be burned (be ready for the Burning events 🔥) and the other half will be distributed among the long-term stakers. Therefore, the long term staking rewards are going to be pretty attractive and will compensate those who believe in the $SUB moon after launching the Subme_app!



We are here to disrupt the subscription economy by redefining it.

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