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$SUB BitMart listing and HODLers competition — 500,000 SUB for grabs!

The next big step for the Subme project is upon us! Today 31.08.2021 the $SUB token will be listed on BitMart, one of the largest exchanges in the world, which regularly appears in the TOP 20 exchanges according to CoinGecko. The SUB token will be available at the SUB/USDT pair. With the announcement of the listing information last week, the price of the SUB token has grown almost 4 times from $0.0059 to $0.024! WOW!

To celebrate, we got 500 000 SUB for grabs! Join the Hodl & Earn Campaign!

Bitmart exchange and contest!

Bitmart Exchange has been around since 2018 and was founded in 2017. Over the years of its operation, more than 5,500,000 users have registered on the exchange and the daily volume on the exchange has been well over a billion dollars in recent days. The exchange is licensed in the US, which provides greater security for funds.

To celebrate the launch of the $SUB token on the exchange, the Subme and Bitmart teams have prepared a special promotion in which $SUB 500,000 is up for grabs, and the rules are simple and clear. All you have to do is register on the exchange and purchase or send your $SUBs and HODL them on Bitmart between 3 p.m. on 8/31/2021 and 9/15/2021 until 3 p.m.

At some point in between those dates, a “snapshot” will be taken of the number of SUB tokens you keep on the exchange, and all HODLers will be rewarded with a proportional amount of $SUB tokens from the pool. The minimum amount of $SUB to participate in the contest is only 5000 SUB.


Only the tokens that are not in the order book are participating in the campaign.

Official rules from BitMart:



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