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Subme App Beta Testing starts on the 24th of January!

We are happy to announce that next week on the 24th of January we are starting the Beta Tests of the Subme app. We would love to show the app to the active community members and to get back your feedback — with your help, we would love to create the best subscription management and sales product in the world.


The version of the app which will be presented on the 24th of January is a Polish language version. Right now we are recruiting community beta testers from Poland, however if you are interested in becoming a beta tester (without knowing Polish) just follow the steps provided in this article, and you will be notified about the new languages’ beta testing being open. The same steps described below apply to our community members interested in becoming the beta testers of the current Polish version of the Subme Application.

How to join?

Some of you have been informed about the possibility to join the BETA testing on Telegram and talked with our community manager In this case, if you have already provided your data, just wait for more info regarding how the beta testing will take place.

If you would like to join the Beta Tests and help us in the development of the Subme App please follow these steps:

  1. Remember to contact @Subme_MD on Telegram.
  2. We need you to provide your Name, Surname, telegram handle (the one beginning with “ @ “), and email address in order to join the tests.
  3. The duration of the tests will be determined by the amount of feedback received from you — the testers. We want all of it to be properly applied to the app development including all the useful information and suggestions we can get back from you.
  4. At the beginning of the beta tests, you will receive detailed information on how to participate in beta testing through official communication from our side.
  5. All the data will be stored in a safe and protected environment.
  6. The deadline for submitting your requests to become a beta tester of our polish version of the application is set for 21.01 at 3 PM UTC, however we may re-enable the possibility to apply for the polish beta tests in the future.

We need you!

Your effort (and curiosity) of becoming a beta tester will have a direct impact on how the app will look in the future. We will devise iterations based on your feedback and this is how you will have the opportunity to shape the outlook of our application!

You may compare the whole process to the journey of the first New World colonists, with a distinction that there are no dangers awaiting for you as in their cases. The whole journey is something new that many of us have never seen nor experienced before and furthermore can be called an amazing adventure.

We wish you a happy embarkment on the path to the New World of the worldwide e-commerce economy, to the platform which will revolutionize our present world.



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