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Subpad by Subme tokenomics explained

With Subme we want to make physical products and services equally subscribable while giving crypto cashback in $SUB token to the users. The Subme Cash (SUB) token is the heart of the whole ecosystem, so the described below tokenomics will play an essential role in the platform development. All the comments are welcome!

TGE information

SUB tokens are distributed in a way that supports the growth of the Subme ecosystem, so let’s talk about the token supply and numbers. There will be 880 000 000 $SUB created in total, with 44% being sold during Token Sales. The only ⅕ of these tokens will be unlocked at the TGE. Detailed $SUB token allocations are below:


We strongly believe that COVID-19 pandemic and the ever-growing (over 100% a year) subscription industry are going to change the way we view e-commerce very soon, and we want Subme to be created the right way. This is why we have locked up the team tokens for a 1-year period, with 10% being unlocked every month afterward. The team is here long-term.

There is also a vesting period for the Seed & Private & Public Sale tokens. It will consist of 20% of tokens being sent at TGE to all the investors and unlocking 5% every week. The supply at the moment of adding the liquidity on Pancake Swap will be reduced, and hopefully, the price action will favor the long-term investing.

We have already planned a staking program (we cannot reveal APY yet, but hopefully everyone will be happy) that will launch around the first DEX listing, so the supply will be even more limited from the start. BULLISH.

$SUB token cashback and burning

Subme Cash token is one of the key features of the Subme ecosystem. It’s $SUB tokens that everyone subscribing to the platform will receive their favorite product will get in the form of cashback. Depending on the product subscription, the amount of $SUB will be up to 3% of the subscription value.

What makes $SUB interesting to investors is Subme commission income being used for buying (from the market) and burning $SUB tokens. 5% of the project’s quarterly revenue will be allocated to this activity.



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