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Subme Community update: App and SubPad explained

The end of the first quarter of 2022 is coming! It means a lot for both the Subme App development and SubPad. In this article, we will cover the crypto and app side of developments and the next steps we are about to take.

Where is the app?

Fortunately, everything is alright with the app — if you have been a beta tester, you know it! On the other hand, we do need more testing from the community for the Subme App to be a complete product when launched on the market.

The biggest work in recent months has been integrating merchants’ systems to ensure users get their products on time. Unfortunately, many of the vendor integrations required non-standard solutions, which translated into additional time needed for their implementation and thorough testing.

Therefore, we would like to introduce two additional stages of beta testing:

For our community of testers — people who were present in the January tests and signed up in February and March, and One Million Club members to get feedback on whether we met their expectations that they signaled to us in the first testing phase. Everyone who participated in the earlier phase of tests will be able to test the app again to see how have we implemented your suggestions.

An open beta contest that will be actively promoted — 60 winners will be selected through a contest. The winners will get reimbursed up to 25 USD (100 PLN) for their first subscription.

Many of you were asking about the future partnerships and products in the app — April will be very intense in this regard, so get ready!

SubPad is up and running

Launchpad is technically ready, audited (security audit has been completed), and is in the final, closed testing phase.

We were supposed to launch the platform by the end of March, but most probably this will not happen as we are working on the app and our crypto partners are postponing the launch. We apologize for this inconvenience.

We count on your understanding and patience as we have already agreed on many interesting projects, and once everything is working, we intend to launch them with high frequency, so it will be worth locking Subme tokens for a longer time and having access to multiple allocations.

The mechanics of the launchpad itself is unique — you will be able to pay for allocations both with BUSD from the BSC network and with USTs from the Terra network.

In addition, the projects that we will be launching will be on different blockchains and allocations will be claimed already by the networks of individual projects. SubPad is multichain.


We are on the verge of launching 2 products that are aiming to disrupt the both crypto and subscription markets. The Subme crypto partners are getting ready for their IDOs and fundraising on already audited and safe SubPad in the near future. The Subme App is ready and we are going to run incentivized product testing (with product deliverance to the user houses) in April.



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