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Subme partners up with Crypto Society

We are proud to announce that we have established a partnership with the renowned research group known as Crypto Society. This group of crypto-oriented investors is joining forces with Subme to find out the most promising projects in the crypto space, and to help them achieve a better market presence.

What is Crypto Society?

Crypto Society is an informal group of investors who have been working together on the crypto market since 2017. Because of the vast connections made over the years, the investors and researchers from the group have the best access and knowledge to review and help the crypto projects in the early stages of their development.

Let us bring the best projects to the SubPad

The important part of our cooperation will be finding out the most promising projects, which would need an additional marketing and funding boost. The Subme strategy is to bring the top tier projects like TLAND to the launchpad: made x15 during the listing, good price action in the long term, and most importantly with very strong fundamentals.

We are hoping that with the launch of our SubPad bounty campaign and cooperation with Crypto Society, we can regularly bring high-quality projects to the SubPad. To end this article on the positive side, we would love to mention that we are in talks with a project that is already raising capital for its operations, and which wants to join the SubPad. The goal of our cooperation with CryptoSociety is to bring more investment opportunities on a more regular basis, and with high-quality research about those projects.




We are here to disrupt the subscription economy by redefining it.

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