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Subme partners up with Terra Land to bring real estate opportunities for the decentralized economy

We are happy to announce that Subme is partnering up with Terra Land! The project is aiming to disrupt the Real Estate market the same way Subme does with the subscription economy. More details about the cooperation will be provided in the upcoming days, but in the long-term perspective, we are aiming to present an opportunity for the Subme users to gain investment exposure to the Real Estate market in the form of Terra Land subscriptions. You can say that we are creating the Tokenized Real Estate Cost Average strategy for Subme users — the same as Bitcoin DCA!

What is Terra Land all about?

Terra Land project is a global transactional platform designed with selling entire real properties or their parts in mind, based on blockchain technology. Fractionating the real estate market keeps investors interested in geographical diversification of their real property portfolio, particularly for those with fewer funds.

This kind of investment makes it much easier to take the crypto market profits straight into the real estate investment (and even owning the whole property) without the necessity to change your crypto to FIAT. This way, the investor can also omit the high fees and taxes.

TLAND IDO starts in just a few days, only on the selected Launchpads!

Having your tokenized piece of real estate might mean that you will have collateral for your next investments in crypto too ;)

The first stage of the project will involve introducing commercial-grade investment real properties, i.e. the ones that generate returns for the investors without further involvement. $TLAND is a CW20 token, so it will be created and based on Terra (LUNA) blockchain.

$TLAND token details:

  • Total tokens supply: 100.000.000 TLAND
  • Initial circulating supply: 6.250.000
  • Initial market cap: $625.000
  • IDO price $0.09
  • VESTING 6m with 20% unlocked at TGE

Token mechanics:

  • - 2% shares of each property will be distributed between users who supply the Liquidity Pool to TERRA SWAP
  • - Once the 5.000.000 liquidity pool threshold is reached, the equivalent of 1% of transactions concluded on the primary market will be allocated to the purchase and burning of the $TLAND tokens from the market. — After launching the secondary market, 50% of the commissions income from the secondary market will be spent on buying and burning the $TLAND tokens from the market.




Lawyer and economist by education, holder of an MBA diploma from the Lublin University of Technology. For more than nine years, he has been amassing experience at international financial institutions such as: Bank PEKAO S.A, Allianz Bank S.A., Kredyt Bank S.A., Noble Bank S.A., Citi Bank Handlowy S.A. Since 2018, he has been working on the applications of blockchain technology and tokenization in development projects. For TerraLand he will be the solutions architect for the real property market.



MBA graduate from the Maastricht School of Management, an economist by profession (finance, companies strategies). For 14 years, he has amassed professional experience with the international corporations FM Logistic and RWE (currently Innogy), holding the position of a manager and director, as well as positions on the management board; he was responsible for financial controlling, operational controlling and financial functions at these companies.



Mathematician specializing in finance. For more than five years, he has been acquiring experience at global financial institutions, such as: Bank Millennium S.A., Citi Bank Handlowy S.A., Deutsche Bank Polska S.A. holding the positions of a Private Banking Manager.

Strategic Advisor

Bogusz Kończak

Entrepreneur, Founder of Subme startup, sales expert, and manager with over 5 years of experience in leading top-performing teams for institutional clients (Nationale Nederlanden). A passionate business developer, actively investing in real estate and blockchain projects. Present in the Crypto Industry since 2016



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