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The Millionaires’ Club — let’s talk about the benefits

Imagine being a part of the One Million Club. You will get access to special perks just for joining, and you can join by temporarily locking your tokens on the website! Over 30 millionaires have already enjoyed the Subme product drops and private sales opportunities. One of them was a TOP Metaverse project that is going to be listed at one of the biggest CEX crypto exchanges in the world. There are already 5 massive projects in the queue.

Who can join?

1M Club is a club for those who have staked 1M SUB tokens either in the single asset or SUB-LP tokens (1 Million SUB + BUSD — x2,5 bigger benefits).

The number of membership slots is limited! It is only possible for 300 members to sign up right now, and this number decreases day by day.

Club Benefits

Each member gains access to exclusive benefits such as:

Access to private allocations (the first one is already finished!)

Private sales mean better prices and insider news from the project. It is not uncommon to reap at least x10 profits from the private sales investments!

Gifts from our partners

Those who live in the EU region are eligible for the physical drops from the Subme App and our partners. Each time there are unique hot gifts prepared for you and everyone loves them!

Insider news

Get access to the insider news before they get published on the official Subpad SM channels. Stay in close touch with our Core Team members!

Dedicated Discord group

Connect with other investors in the Millionaires community and get access to VIP individual assistance.

Investing tutorials & materials

In the case of the Millionaires’ Club, we provide you access to the TOP e-learning materials for free.

Crypto experts’ assistance

We can help you with almost everything. Be it setting up your wallet on MetaMask or managing your crypto assets on different chains

SUB drops

The club members are going to receive SUB drops. The longer you stay in the club more drops you receive.

How to join the Club?

  1. Lock 1 million SUB or LP tokens (1 Million SUB + BUSD in LP will provide you x2,5 bigger private allocations) to join the club.
  2. You will be in the club for the time that you locked the tokens. The minimum locking period lasts 7 days, maximum is 1080 days (3 years)
  3. After locking your tokens you will have to fill in the data to receive all the perks

A new way to access the club coming soon!

If you haven’t noticed yet, our Ambassador Jan Błachowicz is a great fighter and UFC champion. He joined the Millionaires’ Club, too! Together with him, we will be actively promoting the Club! Are you ready to join us for the Millionaires Journey? Well, check it out for yourselves:

Last year he donated his fighting gloves with a signature for creating an NFT with the underlying assets — there were 50 non-fungible tokens created in cooperation with Uniqly_io.

If you are an owner of NFT UFC gloves you will be able to access the Secret Discord and all the perks of being a millionaire — especially the OTC deals and best private sales!



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