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The Summary of Stage 1 Beta Testing

It has been a few days since the beginning of the Beta testing of the Subme App and everything keeps going smoothly! What is even better, we got more people joining the Beta Testing than expected. At this moment, we have approximately 70 voluntary Beta Testers, which means one — #SUBMEARMY is strong!

If there are some of you who would still like to join the testing before the end of Stage One, please contact on Telegram.

Testing and implementing?

We have prepared for you two versions of the App for testing — Web and Android. There has been some feedback (valid one!) already, but still many of you have not sent it yet on the Google Form that was provided via email to all of the Beta Testers. We await your feedback as it will influence the changes that will be implemented in the final version of the app.

From the feedback we got already, here are some of the things that are going to be implemented by our IT department:

  • Improving the clarity of your listing screen
  • Improving the accuracy of search results (how the results correspond to the entered words)
  • Implementation of the choice of Inpost parcel machines through the map
  • Adding the option to change the interval of the currently subscribed plan

Some more changes are going to be announced during the AMA with our Founder Adam Larsson, so it is definitely worth joining our polish telegram group on 28.01.2022 at 16:00 PM UTC.

Would you like to know more about what Subme has prepared for you and to stay up to date with us? Do not hesitate and just subscribe to the newsletter through the link provided below:





We are here to disrupt the subscription economy by redefining it.

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