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The Summary of the Sigma Blockchain Summit in Malta with Subme!

The “Polish team” during the Malta Conference was strong and definitely made an impact on the conference as the whole. Many awards were won by our friends and partners (among them that won the NFT project of the year category) and a good deal of contacts were established. Let us take a closer look at the conference and see what happened during the time in Malta.

First day at Sigma Summit

Subme team arrived in Malta on the 16th of November and quickly joined the conference that was situated in the middle of the “blockchain island”. During the first day, we visited the iGaming part of the conference. We talked with the gaming projects about the possibilities of helping them become a part of the NFT and Blockchain world. It was worth it , because as the Sigma conference states “47% of our attendees are c-level & decision-makers”.

On the 17th, the blockchain conference started!

It was a great pleasure talking to the projects that gathered at the Blockchain part of the conference floor. We met with big crypto players such as SwissBorg, DexTools, MM3, (and this year’s winner Mysa), RevenueCoin and

Many of the projects that we encountered during the conference did not have their own stands, but nevertheless, they seemed like perfect partners to join the Subme Pad. Metaverse projects, NFT and DeFi — we talked with them all!

Stay tuned and of course, get ready to get the news about the project joining our PAD 👀. At the same time, these projects were from different, but popular at the moment chains — as the first project at Subme Pad was from Terra chain, we expect no problems with onboarding Solana or Cardano projects.


Malta itself is a beautiful country with warm climate and perfect conditions for preparing the grounds for the new partnerships. It was a great time at the conference with many valuable contacts — in many cases with the people/projects and influencers we have already known, but the meeting allowed us to work on new ideas and much deeper cooperation.

We are here to disrupt the subscription economy by redefining it.

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