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TLAND partners with Subpad for the One Million Club private sale

We are happy to announce that TLAND private sale is available for the One Million Club at Subpad! People who locked 1M $SUB and registered at can join the private sale of $TLAND among many other benefits.

What is TLAND all about?

TLAND project is a global transactional platform designed with selling entire real properties or their parts in mind, based on blockchain technology. Fractionating the real estate market keeps investors interested in the geographical diversification of their real property portfolio, particularly for those with fewer funds.

This kind of investment makes it much easier to take the crypto market profits straight into the real estate investment (and even owning the whole property) without the necessity to change your crypto to FIAT. This way, the investor can also omit the high fees and taxes.

Not only Real Estate

TLAND is a global multichain platform, through which users from all over the world can participate in collective prefunds for the most desirable physical and digital assets, not only real estate but also crypto goods/services.

With the help of a Tland and computer connection, anyone can invest in previously unattainable assets for lower prices. The main barriers to entry are financial; however, there’s no need any longer because with Tland platform enables all investors to reach their investing potential by expanding portfolios using these newly accessible assets. Some of them can be Metaverse plots or famous NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club.



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