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We are here answering all the questions about the $TLAND IDO!

We are here for the Subme community, and we heard your concerns about the Terra Land IDO. Yet firstly, we would like to thank all the people who joined the IDO and supported TLAND in their journey of transforming the way we invest into the real estate market. It was a great success in terms of price action, and all the people who joined the IDO are definitely happy.

Please read all about the IDO details and explanations, and if there are still any concerns you would like to address directly to Subme, please fill in the form available at the end of this article.

First IDO for the Subme community

It was the first IDO for Subme, and probably the first IDO for many of the SubPad users. This is why some mistakes were made. The allocate function was not used in many cases, and some people even sent their money to the Subme contract — these tokens, unfortunately, cannot be redeemed. Below, we will go through the most common mistakes:

Tokens sent with allocate function during the time when presale contract was open

Some of you thought it was possible to join the sale just by sending the UST to the contract without using the allocate function (or without using our IDO launchpad panel). Because of that, we have decided to lower the allocation for everyone and to include those who joined just by sending the UST to the contract. This way, a lot more people got a chance to become a part of the TLAND.

Here is a contract for raising UST for the IDO:

When the contract was closed (after reaching 100% of funds being raised) some of you were still sending UST to the contract. The UST tokens that were sent after the contract closure are not possible to withdraw. In some cases, the UST was sent even 2 days after the sale

ended! These transfers did not work because sending a transfer is not a function of a contract — in other words, there is no interaction with the contract.

On the other hand, people who used our panel or allocate function after the contract closure had their transactions reverted — like this one:

Tokens sent to the Subme Contract address

In this case, the situation is similar to what’s above — the SUB contract is long closed. We cannot redeem what was sent to our contract. In cases of some projects, even people sent tokens to the closed contract address to “burn” them. These UST tokens will never be used again.

After the sale — where is the money?

When all of the 100.000 UST were gathered, all the money was transferred to TLAND — here are all the proofs and history of how it happened. Step by Step:

Taking all the funds from the smart contract:

Sending the contract owner tokens to the wallet:

Sending UST tokens to TLAND:

Sending back the UST from unused allocation:

Summary and Contact Form

We hope that most of the issues and questions about the Terra Land IDO are clearer and can now be understood. In case you still feel like there was a mistake during the sale, and you did not receive enough $TLAND or $UST tokens back, please drop us a line at the Google form below:



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