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What is Subpad and how does it work?

Subpad is a go-to fundraising platform on BSC with the hottest new projects from multiple blockchains… Seems like the typical launchpad, right?

Well, it is not and in this article, we will explain why and how it offers many interesting concepts that will change the way we invest in prospective crypto projects.

Innovative idea

First and foremost our launchpad aims to bring guaranteed allocations for the users without the necessity of taking part in the FCFS allocations. Additionally, we will avoid the situations when the whales with the biggest funds win the gas wars and take the biggest piece of the pie.

But how does it work? Basically, once the fundraising starts, all participants will be able to purchase the allocations accordingly to the amount of SUB or SUB/BUSD tokens locked in the Subpad panel and the lock duration.

For the time while their tokens are being locked and once the fundraising starts, they will get the possibility to participate in it through our panel. No one will be left out — all who fulfill the above conditions may join the IDO.

It’s cool, isn’t it?

There are many advantages of the mentioned solution. Apart from no one being left out, the investors will not have to worry about locking and unlocking tokens on our panel between fundraisings. The locks will be valid from a minimum of one week to a maximum being 3 years!

Once you have locked the tokens, you can still add more tokens to the panel and thus increase your allocation — it is very simple.

Time to xSUB!

The big change in the way how the launchpad operates is the usage of TIME. In most (if not all) launchpads, the main factor defining your access to the size of public sales allocations is how many of the launchpad tokens you own. In the case of Subpad, what additionally matters is the time for which you are locking the SUB or LP tokens.

One can say that it is an anti-whale mechanism — a large actor can enter a Subpad with all his SUB tokens just for one IDO, but his tokens will not be as powerful as the SUBs of someone locking them for 3 years.

A few technical details

Let us assume you are locking your SUB tokens on the Subpad panel. For example, for each 100 SUB you will:

  • Get 1 xSUB for every 100 SUB staked for 1 year (360 days). Analogically, you may get 3 xSUB for every 100 SUB staked for 3 years, etc.
  • Get 2.5 xSUB for every 100 SUB in your SUB-BUSD LP tokens staked for 1 year (360 days). Analogically, 7.5 xSUB for every 100 SUB staked for 3 years, etc.

In terms of time:

  • The minimum staking period lasts 7 days.
  • The maximum staking period lasts 3 years (1080 days).

How about 1 Million Club?

Well, we do have prepared neat bonuses for our Millionaires — people who locked at least 1 Million $SUB and have locked their tokens in the Subpad. Why is it worth it?

  • SUB drops
  • Access to private allocations (projects not necessarily from Subpad)
  • Gifts from our partners
  • Early access
  • Insider news


With the upcoming release of our Subpad, there are a lot of interesting projects incoming, as well as interesting private allocations for the 1M Club. We are ready for the new and hot projects to launch and of course to test the Subpad in action!



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