Noon Practice — Subnautica Behavior Revamp IV

Me again. I hope you know the drill by now.

Before I start, a message from future! You can find a list of Subnautica articles, including the behavior series in this publication.

Formatting and Traits

Feed Interval: How frequently the fauna feeds (ie attacks the closest prey)

Social Attitude: How the fauna reacts to its own type

Egg Status: Information about egg rarity and behavior regarding it

Player Relation: How the fauna reacts to player and vehicles

Special Interactions: Fauna-specific interactions, if any.

Traits: Special features that can be shared among species. List is here:

Brave: Not afraid of anything unless specified

Aggressive: Will actively attack even if not hungry.

Tameable: The creature can be made to be non-aggressive or even beneficial. Details in special interactions.

Semi-Static: The creature will be marginally affected by repulsion and propulsion rifles.

Stati-Resistant: The creature will break out of statis weapon debuff much faster.


Feed Interval: Every minute. See special interaction.

Social Attitude: Aggressive unless in same pack.

Egg Status: None.

Player Relation: Aggressive against anything. They won’t attack cyclops’ body as they won’t recognize it as an entity but they will attack through the glass. Similarly, they will bump at base windows but leave the rest alone.

Special Interactions: Biters will constantly attack whatever’s close-by. If they are in a pack, they will attack together, up to 4 biters. If they are hungry and there are no targets around, they will pick a random direction and swim for a while. If there are still no targets, 1 biter will be chosen as victim and the rest of the pack will attack it. Once a biter pack picks a target, they will keep attacking until the victim or the biters are dead or the victim escapes. If they manage to kill a creature this way, they will keep eating the body and their hunger will be delayed for 5 minutes.

Traits: Aggressive, Brave

Lava Lizard

Feed Interval: Every 2 minutes.

Social Attitude: Isolated normally. If met, uncaring or aggressive unless caring for eggs.

Egg Status: Common, in groups of 3–5. Defensive, read special interaction.

Player Relation: Gradually more aggressive as player approaches their territory. They will not attack Cyclops but swim around it’s reactor regions unless caring for eggs.

Special Interactions: Each lava lizard has an assigned territory. If anything comes close, they will start by spitting lava, making an “armor” and keep spitting lava until the intruder is close enough, at which point the lava lizard will charge in to bite. They will ignore really large entities such as the cyclops or reapers. As such, they will normally leave each other alone, unless 2 of them mated. In this case they will have eggs in the middle point of each other’s territory and they will defend the eggs in a much more aggressive way. Basically the range of defenses will be doubled and the lava lizards won’t be stopped by any enemies’ size.

Traits: Semi-Static (while armor is active)


Feed Interval: None

Social Attitude: None

Egg Status: Rare, singular, drops from sulfur plants.

Player Relation: Aggressive

Special Interactions: While crashfish’s eye grants a wide-angle view, it actually has a terrible eye sight that only detects entities of certain size. Player can abuse this by exploding a gasopod spore nearby, which will serve as camouflage as long as the player is “infected” with it.

Traits: Aggressive, Brave

So, that’s not only the end of my lunch, but almost the end of the main carnivore fauna! I will either post the reapers next time, some parasites/herbivores or maybe give a break and move to a different topic or import some stuff from my blog.

Anyway, thanks for reading and as usual, happy to read any comments!