New on Subsail: Digital subscriptions

Offer digital subscriptions to your magazine.

Launched today is Subsail’s native support for digital magazine subscriptions.

This is a big step for Subsail, and opens the platform up to a different field of publishers, as well as providing new opportunities to existing print-only publishers.

Start selling digital magazine subscriptions

Digital subscriptions

A digital magazine subscription is usually PDF-based, but could be a paid email newsletter, or provide access to a tablet/app version. Technically speaking, the underlying subscription system is the same as for a print subscription. Print and digital subscriptions live together in your Subsail account.

Publishers can now easily offer digital and print+digital subscriptions alongside their print subscriptions. The main differences are that digital-only subscriptions are not combined into your print shipping lists, nor are addresses required in the checkout form.

For now, publishers are responsible for delivering the digital subscriptions, just as they are print issues, but in the future I hope to add automated PDF delivery to digital subscribers.

Adding a new product in Subsail. Choose from Print, Digital or Print + digital options.
A digital subscription checkout form. Note that no address fields are present.

Filtering for digital subscriptions

Subscription “medium” is now available as a filter, meaning you can quickly find your digital subscriptions and subscribers.

Filtering for digital subscriptions.

Exporting digital subscriptions

For sending PDFs or enabling access to an app version, you can create new digital-product segments, from which you can export CSVs of subscriber information.

Creating a subscriber segment including subscribers who have bought digital subscription products.

Subsail’s support for digital subscriptions provide publishers a new channel to sell subscriptions, and having all subscribers—from any source—in a single place is a huge benefit.

Start selling digital magazine subscriptions now

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