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New Updates for Subscan (2022-Jan-Part1)

SUBSCAN| Aggregate Substrate ecological network High-precision Web3 explorer

New Function:

  • Added EVM contract verification, code viewing, contract reading, and contract writing functions, which have been applied to the Darwinia Crab network, and will be applied to more networks with EVM modules in the future.
  • 新增 EVM 合约验证、查看代码、阅读合约、编写合约 功能,已应用在了 Darwinia Crab 网络,未来将应用于更多有 EVM 模块的网络。
  • Added contract address label to EVM transaction details.
  • EVM 交易详情中新增合约地址标注。
  • ERC-20 token display optimization, click to view contract details.
  • ERC-20 token 展示优化,支持点击查看合约详情。
  • Added expand all/collapse all function to the list.
  • 列表新增全部展开/收起功能。
  • Optimize vesting data, remove vesting data from circulation and count separately.
  • 优化 vesting 相关数据,将 vesting 数据从流通量中移除并单独统计。
  • Token price data fix.
  • Token price 数据修复。
  • Support assets, token bonding curve, and vested reward data of SORA network.
  • 支持 SORA 网络的资产、代币冻结曲线和释放奖励等数据。
  • Added crust storage price calculator.
  • 新增 crust 存储价格计算器。
  • Support Shadow network (Kusama parachain).
  • 支持 Shadow 网络 (Kusama 平行链)。



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