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New Updates for Subscan (Dec)

SUBSCAN| Aggregate Substrate ecological network High-precision Web3 explorer

New Function:

  • Subscan provided explorer support for Acala, Moonbeam, Astar, Parallel, and Clover in the batch 1 polkadot parachain launch day.
  • Subscan 在第 1 批 polkadot 平行链发布日为 Acala、Moonbeam、Astar、Parallel 和 Clover 提供了浏览器支持。
  • Support Vesting module. The vesting value is no longer included in the circulation and can be viewed separately. Users can view the total vesting value of network and the vesting details of individual accounts in Subscan.
  • 新增对 vesting 数据的支持,vesting 部分不再计入流通量,可单独查看。现已支持查看全网 vesting 总量,以及独立账户的 vesting 详情。
  • Parachain auction related data verification and bug fixes
  • 平行链拍卖相关的数据检查与bug 修复
  • Inflation rate data restoration
  • 通胀率数据修复
  • Support Quartz network (Kusama Parachain)
  • 支持 Quartz 网络
  • The EVM contract verification tool is under development and is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2022.
  • EVM 合约验证工具正在开发中,预计 2022 年 1 季度发布。



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