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New Updates for Subscan (Feb)

SUBSCAN| Aggregate Substrate ecological network High-precision Web3 explorer

New Function:

  • Support cross-chain bridge related modules of Darwinia network, and realize the tracking of Darwinia<->Ethereum cross-chain transactions.
    支持 Darwinia 跨链桥相关模块,可追踪 Darwinia<->Ethereum 双向跨链交易。
  • Optimized Event and Extrinsic filter conditions, added filter by time, account, module and other dimensions.
    优化事件、交易的过滤条件, 新增通过时间、账号、模块等维度的过滤。
  • Optimize the homepage UI, add “Inflation Rate”, “Staking Value(Rate)”, “Total Issuance”, “Holders” and other data.
    优化主页 UI,新增通胀率,质押率,供应量,持有者等数据。
  • Polkadot and Kusama networks add EMA (30) data chart.
    Polkadot、Kusama 网络新增 EMA (30) 数据。
  • Added support for Russian (in trial).
  • Optimize the CSV data export function, increase data decimal processing.
  • Bug fix and user experience optimization.
    Bug fix 与用户体验优化。

What are we doing now?

  • The basic function development of the EVM module is completed, and we are trying to be deployed on the test network.
    EVM 模块通用性功能开发基本完成,即将尝试在测试网络部署。
  • PLO Dashboard V1 is under development and is expected to be released next week.
    PLO Dashboard V1 正在开发中,预计下周发布。
  • Support more blockchains.



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