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New Updates for Subscan (Nov-Part 1)

SUBSCAN| Aggregate Substrate ecological network High-precision Web3 explorer

New Function:

  • Support Polkadot network parachain auction related data display.
  • 支持 Polkadot 网络平行链拍卖相关数据展示。
  • Optimize the bidder’s fund chart, and support the filtering and comparison of bidder data.
  • 优化投标人资金变化图表,支持投标人数据筛选与对比。
  • Added the function of contributing to the crowd loan, which can be connected to the polkadot{.js} extension to sign and participate in the contribution.
  • 新增为众贷贡献的功能,可连接至 polkadot{.js} 扩展程序签名授权并参与贡献。
  • View source code:
  • Optimize the auction list and add the winner data.
  • 优化拍卖列表,新增 winner 数据
  • Optimize the prompt of sudo/proxy/evm extrinsic execution failure, and users can view the error types more conveniently.
  • 优化 sudo/proxy/evm extrinsic 执行失败的提示,用户可以更加方便的查看错误类型。
  • For some networks with EVM function, ERC-20 transfer list has been supported.
  • 部分有 EVM 功能的网络,新增查看 ERC-20 转账清单功能。



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