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New Updates for Subscan (Nov-Part 2)

SUBSCAN| Aggregate Substrate ecological network High-precision Web3 explorer

New Function:

  • Optimize the Staking_Rewarded data, add following data types: unclaimed reward, era, from which validator.
  • 优化质押收益相关数据,新增以下数据类型:未领取的收益、时代、收益来自哪个验证人。
  • Add the auction winning rate prediction, Win rate counts the bid data of the ending period.
  • 增加拍卖胜率预测,胜率将统计结束期内的竞拍数据。
  • Account format transform tool supports H160 account type.
  • 账户格式转换工具支持H160账户类型。
  • Support Moonriver runtime 900 upgrade.
  • 适配 Moonriver runtime 升级。
  • Support IntegriTEE network.
  • 支持 IntegriTEE 网络。
  • Add USD price to account balance.
  • 账户余额增加美元计价。



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