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New Updates for Subscan (Oct-Part 1)

SUBSCAN| Aggregate Substrate ecological network High-precision Web3 explorer

New Function:

  • Subscan homepage UX optimization, the new version adds network data dashboard and mail subscription functions.
  • Subscan 主页UX优化,新增网络数据dashboard和邮件订阅功能。
  • The upgrade of Substrate V4 is supported, and the runtimes of Polkadot and Kusama have been updated to v9110.
  • 支持 Substrate V4 的升级,Polkadot 和 Kusama 的 runtime 已更新至 v9110。
  • Added data display and filtering of Logs.
  • 新增 Logs 的数据展示与筛选。
  • Optimize the data viewing experience related to governance, and you can easily jump from the event parameters and view the corresponding governance data.
  • 优化治理相关的数据查看体验,可从事件参数方便的跳转并查看对应的治理数据。
  • Fixed some rollback data for Kulupu network.
  • 修复了Kulupu网络的一些回滚数据。



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